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National Congress of Western Armenians (NCWA)

Newsletter, March 2017

The CNAO/NCWA is a Paris based NGO subject to the French Law on Associations of 1901. It represents the interests and claims of Western Armenians, descendants of Armenians citizens of the Ottoman Empire and initiates and supports activities to safeguard the Armenian cultural heritage. Visit our above mentioned site for details.
On 28 and 29 January 2017 the CNAO/NCWA organized in Berlin a Conference of the peoples of Asia Minor under the motto “United in Rights” which founded the “19 January Initiative Committee.”

The Committee met in Paris on 25 and 26 February  and decided to operate in five commissions each having a rapporteur/coordinator and 5-7 members;

  1. Coordination Commission (Sevak Artsruni )
  2. United in history commission (Recep Marasli)
  3. United in legal and human rights commission ( Tessa Hofmann )
  4. United in rights online commission (Yavuz Baydar )
  5. Asia Minor political Commission .

The 19 January initiative will create an international experts group in order to prepare  a joint report summarizing the problems of the Peoples Asia Minor based on the principles elaborated in the Berlin Conference and the Paris Round Table . The major questions this report should address are

  1. who are we? whom do we represent ?
  2. why did we come together?
  3. what does the League expects to achieve?4.what are the guidelines ethics?

The work of the experts group will be reviewed by the History and legal and human rights commissions.
Short , medium and long term action plans were tentatively   elaborated;

a. on the short term (within four months)

i.     Prepare and propose to approval the AMP LEAGUE project
ii.     Have face to face meetings with organizations and individuals to brief and invite them to join the movement.  Whenever needed, the Coordination Commission will create regional sub committees for this aim.
iii.     Publish in Turkish and in English the material of the Berlin Conference and the decisions concerning the AMP League perspectives of the Paris round table.
iv.     Organize a first meeting of the International Experts’ group early summer 2017 in Armenia.
v.     Organize regional coordination groups where Asia Minor peoples cohabit
vi.     Activate the 5 commissions
vii.     Create a foundation to raise funds.

b. on the medium term

i.     Issue the Report of the Experts’ Group
ii.     Create and launch the AMP League
iii.  Create an information and broadcasting unit.


  • The AMP League will be a non-governmental organization for the Asia Minor Peoples’ rights.
  • Both associations and individuals can join the League.
  • Not only members having Asia Minor origin but also individuals and Non-Government Organizations acting in the field of human rights may join the League. Entities invited to join this movement are.
    • Individuals and corporative entities of Asia Minor origin.
    • Civil society representatives, Individuals and corporative entities as foundations, think-tanks, human rights NGOs, etc. willing to join our movement.
  • The AMP League will have two bodies; the General Assembly and the Executive. The executive will be formed by the Executive Council and the commissions.

Dinner hosted by the President of the Republic of Armenia in Paris  on 7 March 2017 attended by the minister of Foreign Affairs, mr. Nalpantian and Minister of the  Diaspora , Mrs. Hagopyan and the Mayor of Yerevan, Mr. Markaryan as well as the representatives of Armenian Organizations in Europe.
The Chairman of the NCWA , Souren Seraydarian submitted a folder to the President  concerning the activities of the NGO since the 4th Congress of Western Armenians held in Paris in March 2015.  The briefing note also included the recent  information concerning the Berlin and Paris Conferences of the Peoples of Asia Minor held in Berlin and Paris in January and February  2017.
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