Symposium co-sponsored by the Armenian Studies Program and 
the Organizing Committee of the Congress of Western Armenians

Conference on the Armenian Genocide
Berkeley, 2 October 2011
Dear Professor Astourian,
Assistant Secretary General Seraydarian,
Professor Kevorkian, Ladies and gentlemen,
The historicity of the systematic discrimination, persecution, deportation and murder of a million and a half Armenians 1915-1923 is well established and generally recognized as constituting the first genocide of the Twentieth Century. These persecutions and massacres had a pre-history of abuse characterized by the massacres of some 200,000 Armenians in 1894-96 and by the subsequent Adana massacres of 1909 that claimed a further 30,000 innocent lives.

Sponsored and organized by AGBU Manuel Keusseyan Armenological Lecture Series, Armenian Women’s Association of Canada, Nakhijevan Institute and Keghart.com.


  • In few weeks we will commemorate once again the 24th of April. Once again we will be talking to ourselves. On the day after we will have a good conscience having completed a national duty and having paid respect to our victims. Once again we would have insisted that there was a genocide. Was it to convince the international community, the republic of Turkey, the Turkish people or perhaps ourselves?