Lively NCWA Annual Meeting in Yerevan

Correspondent, Yerevan, 15 October 2012

The second annual general meeting of the National Congress of Western Armenians (NCWA) in Yerevan, on Oct. 12, was attended by members from Argentina, Armenia, Austria, Canada, the Czech Republic, France, Lebanon, the Russian Federation and the United States. In addition to delegates, some 30 invited guests were also present at the one-day conference. A Republic of Armenia (RA) Supreme Court judge, a senior officer from the Armenian army, lawyers, Armenologists and writers addressed the meeting. President Souren Seraydarian of France presided over the proceedings. Seventeen new members—mostly from Armenia and the Russian Federation, were inducted into Congress.

U.C. Berkeley Symposium

On 2 October  2011 a Symposium was held at the U.C.  Berkeley co-sponsored  by the Armenian Studies Program and the Organizing Committee of the Congress of Western Armenians.

Under the title “The presence of the past: Legal dimensions of Armenian-Turkish Relations“ scholars  and specialists of international law from Paris,  Geneva, Washington and Berkeley addressed in a most pragmatic, scientific and methodical way the treaties of Sèvres, Kars and Lausanne as well as the Turkish legislation concerning the  public and private property of Armenians of the Ottoman Empire including the issue of the cultural heritage of this population.

Call to Action

11 July 2010

The International Organizing Committee (IOC), the steering committee of the proposed Western Armenian National Congress (WAN Congress), will shortly hold a  meeting to prepare a draft declaration for submission to delegates at the founding convention of WAN Congress, tentatively scheduled to take place by the end of the year. IOC needs the constructive suggestions of all Armenians who are committed to the well-being of the Armenian nation. The below communiqué asks for your input, for possible inclusion in the draft declaration. 

Keghart Opts for Western Armenian National Congress

Team Keghart

Editorial, 9 March 2010

Within a span of fewer than three years (Oct. 2007 to March 2007) two United States congressional foreign affairs committees have gone on public record recognizing the Genocide of the Armenians. Of the 50 states, 42 have acknowledged the Genocide. In recognizing the Genocide, President Ronald Reagan spelled out the sentiments of the average American while three recent presidents, during their election campaigns, promised to acknowledge the mass killings as Genocide.

Whether the latest decision of the U.S. foreign relations committee will be debated in the full house and a corresponding resolution passed remains a moot issue. As expected, the Turkish ambassador was called back and “all hell broke loose” in Turkey. The usual threats that the U.S may lose its NATO ally and hence compromise mutual interests abound in the Turkish media. Some have blamed Erdogan’s government for not doing enough to prevent the passage of the resolution. Others are threatening to topple Erdogan’s government in the next election. No wonder the voices against lifting the blockade and opening the border with Armenia have become more forceful. In all likelihood the Protocols will be shelved as their predecessor the Turkish Armenian Reconciliation Commission (TARC) was.

WAN-Congress an Opportunity We Shouldn't Waste

By Viken L. Attarian, P. Eng. MSc MBA, Montreal, 21 January 2010

A few days ago Viken Attarian of Montreal, well known to the readers of Keghart as a free thinker, emailed the following observations, mostly about the Western Armenian National Congress to the Toronto-based 24April forum. As always, Attarian's words are well thought, measured and delivered. "Thread" in the text refers to the body of multiple emails sent by many participants of the forum while discussing the subject.

It is hard to resist commenting on this all-important topic [of WANCONGRESS]. I would certainly pay to have a published copy of this thread alone. A lot of grey matter has gone into it.

From my perspective, the big picture should include the following thoughts as well:

Western Armenian National Congress

The following is an adaptation from the website of the International Organizing Committee


Far from their historic homeland, the descendents of the Armenians of the Ottoman Empire (Western Armenians) represent the largest and the essential part of the world Armenians, and as such, are the legitimate claimants of their historic and legal rights. They are also the main resource for the secure and efficient functioning of the present Republic of Armenia . Western Armenians, however, do not have an organizational capacity nor coordination mechanisms, despite the existence of multitude of associations, organizations and political parties.

In the past two attempts were made to organize the Western Armenians by convening the First and Second Congresses in 1917 and 1919 in Yerevan. The last National Congress met In 1919/1920 in Paris in support of the negotiations leading to the Paris Peace Conference.


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