Meeting of the Council

Saturday, April 8, 2017 - 12:00

               VIDEO  CONFERENCE   OF  THE  COUNCIL  on 8 APRIL 2017
06 pm Paris time, 
09 am Los Angeles time,
08 pm Yerevan time
01 pm Buenos Aires time
11 am Toronto time
07 am Beirut time
 The video conference link will be provided 3 days before the  scheduled meeting
                                                          DRAFT AGENDA
1. Activity report since the 4th Congress/ road map
2. Asia Minor peoples Conference , United in Rights
3. Bank accounts
4. Admission of co-opted as well as new members
5. Co-opt 3 members of the Council for   consideration by the General Assembly
     to be held in Beirut, Lebanon in June 2017
6. Cultural heritage
7. Discussion concerning the agenda of the General Assembly and the report of   
    the Council
8. Other business

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