The National Congress of Western Armenians (NCWA) is an international NGO registered subject to French law with headquarters in Paris. Its main goal is to initiate and carry out all activities related to the defense of the interests and rights of Western Armenians, former Armenian citizens of the Ottoman Empire.

We Aim to...

  • Represent the Western Armenians, descendants of Armenians citizens of  the Ottoman Empire, in national and international organizations.
  • Initiate and support activities to safeguard the Armenian culture and heritage.
  • Define or assist in defining the individual and collective losses and damages suffered by Western Armenians in the Territory of  the Republic of Turkey since 1915.
  • Establish contacts and working relationships with civil society organizations dealing with issues related to human rights, minority rights, genocide and crimes against humanity.
  • Establish a forum of lawyers in order to initiate legal cases in  national, regional and international courts.
  • Support the activities of research centers and universities dealing with the aftermath of genocide.

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